10 Elements of Manhood

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There’s a constant struggle in the lives of men of various cities in different neighborhoods that feel the pressure of the calling of men almost as if society is calling men to excel and to be successful. So what does that mean? How do we embody the success of man?


  1. Personal Relationship with God

It is impossible for you to become the product of your creation without having a relationship that embodies this reality. The first time the word “man” is known in the universe is when God says “let us make man” and that’s found in Genesis 1:26, “let us make man in our image and lightness”. So in that embodiment, whether spiritual or divine, the reality of the component of this thing called manhood is a relationship with the Godhead. Then the expression is “how this man who is spiritually in reality, relates with his wife?”


  1. The Marriage Covenant

This is the backdrop of the expression of manhood. How a man relates to a woman . In that relationship of the marriage covenant, of being a husband to a wife manhood is affirmed and confirmed. The offspring of this is going from a spiritual relationship with God and being like Christ, to being in a relationship with a woman as your wife to having that coexistence in the family relation with your children.


  1. Fatherhood

Your sons and your daughters know if you’re carrying the weight and the responsibility of manhood. The absence of  man makes him at a child an orphan, makes him illegitimate, and make him diminish in his existence and capacity. A man who is carrying the responsibility of manhood as a father. A father is the greatest gift given to a boy and a girl. A father who is loving his wife, keeping his home, serving his family. The next expression of manhood are the companion he keeps.


  1. Friendships

The greatest friend a man could have as a man who is laying down his life for a friend. The Bible says it clearly “there’s no greater love than this and one who lays down his life for a friend”. Many men tell me “Pastor, I keep no company”. My responses to that is “that’s because you’re selfish”. We’re not created to be selfish, isolated, and withdrawn.


  1. Work Ethic

In the embodiment of the expressions of the fruitfulness we have. The opposite measure of man is laziness. The lack of diligence. The man who produces nothing. He’s not being fruitful. He’s not multiplying. He’s not filling the earth. He’s not using his time and his talents wisely. There’s no treasure. He becomes a chaotic curse upon the land. After the work ethic we have this concept of a man who has the capacity to be a champion in his financial affairs.


  1. Stewardship of Finances

There’s no greater attention in all the Bible for a man to not be greedy but to be generous. To be able to invest in the fruitfulness for the blessings of others. The Bible is filled with incredible descriptions and illustrations of what a man does with the substance of his wealth to be able to grow in his finances.


  1. Fellowship

If a man is absent from his spiritual family, he is absent from existing. God has given men the wherewithal to join the community of faith. A man who is isolated and absent is being irresponsible, immature, and is walking in a manner which is not consistent with a measure of this manhood. I’ve told men many times, “if you’re not part of your faith, in your spiritual community, you’re not part of the body of Christ. You are lacking in your manhood.


  1. Stewardship of Possessions

If you were given 100 airplanes, what would you use that for? If you were given a wealthy bank account, what would you use that for? How would you use your possessions in the direction to affirm your manhood. There’s many people abscond when they increase in wealth because your possessions will reflect your character. When you’re absent and your poverty-stricken, people cannot identify your dispassion. But once you are placed with possessions you use that wealth, and that position, and that possession in the direction which affirms your manhood.


  1. Community

We were created to bless all the nations of of the earth. I love Psalms 2:8 where God challenges man saying “ask me for the nations and I’ll give them as your possessions, and the ends of the earth for your inheritance.” A man of affluence is a man of influence is impacting his community, his city, his state, his nation, the nations of the earth. You were created for something greater than just isolation and withdraw.


  1. Recreate

A man in the measure and the expression of manhood as a man that knows how to re-create. Relax and take a vacation. Take some time off. Have a good time with family and friends and community.


So those are your ten elements to manhood and I hope they’re a blessing to you. You can pray for these things to be your reality and not your religion.

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