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Our life begins at infancy but the period of time known as childhood serves as a lifetime platform from where man receives most of his early impressions for life and becomes the permanent perspective or reference from which he measures most of his future decisions, choosing meaningful relationships and directional drive. The mistaken belief that life is all about “me” is seriously interrupted by the reality of having to co-existing with others. The evidence of man’s fallen nature and sin is expressed in a hyper-selfish, “me, myself, and I,” that can cause great destruction unless a child is trained in the way he should go so that he does not depart when he grows old.


A son is ultimately the product of a surrendered will and denying self. No one can be forced to selflessly surrender his will unless he is willing to intentionally, deliberately and voluntarily submit in absolute obedience to the discipline, correction and instruction of a father. God’s message to humanity as the pathway of prosperity is son ship and this was greatly portrayed by Jesus Christ during his earthly sojourn. Of all the many amazing attributes historically recorded in the life of Christ none was greater than his capacity to love, serve and obey the father in all things.


Nothing reveals manhood more than attaining to responsible maturity. Those who have faithfully denied the self and suffered under the painstaking training under the hardship of discipline and instruction while learning to surrender the will in obedience shall have the sterling capacity to love and serve others. There is no greater hero than a selfless, obedient servant who shows the capacity to love, serve, and protect the interest of others at all cost. A man who lives to love and serve others will be destines to be a champion to his family and friends during his generation.


The true and proven expression of manhood is tempered as steel under the weight and responsibility of caring for one woman for one lifetime. When a man takes the steps of entering into the sacred covenant of Holy Matrimony, by surrendering the self-life, making vows of marriage, by promising to encourage, inspire, comfort, at all times, in sorrow, good times and bad, in every season of life, to cherish, and always hold in highest regard, all the days of our life until death do he part, is man’s highest and most noble call.


The pattern of all manhood as one who entirely lives out a tangible model and visible complete example to other males by namely, producing sons as both biological and spiritual, is called a “Father.“ A father is the progenitor, who originates the full expression of a man and models manhood to form a safe haven for others known as family. Being able to impart the expression of God’s love, a father no longer strives for recognition, pre-eminence, popularity or position. A father is the immoveable rock of selfless, constant, unconditional, unwavering, faithful love, care and protection who is always present for those he vows to serve. A Father imparts confidence, courage and endless valor, as the source of strength in every season of life to his wife and children.

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