Triumph Through Suffering

When going through troubles and suffering, men often ask, “Why would God allow men to go through this?” The answer is so you can think like God. We can look at the book of Job as the single greatest book of all time to comfort man. It is to be read by those who have gone through hardships.

We must turn our focus from our problems over to God. God is the answer to man’s suffering upon the Earth. God has the power to turn bitterness into healing and to become like a pill that heals our needs and then makes us men with provision. In order to share with other men, God’s perspective, heart and healing.

Job’s life and suffering and loss and trials, has been our gain.

When things are going wrong, we have a tendency to complain and throw tantrums. This is the book people read when they go through trouble. Thank you Lord for using Job to teach me how to suffer. In order for me to see things from God’s perspective so I don’t have to through a tantrum.

The devil says this your suffering is for loss, but God says it is for gain. How many are willing to go through loss and suffering so their children can gain? What I suffer is my children’s gain and my grandchildren’s gain.

In the deepest of the dung and dirt there is glory. The best fertilizer is used to grow the best crops. It doesn’t smell good when we are going through it but it’s where things grow the best.

We must learn to praise God even through the toughest of trials.

Who do we turn to in times of trials? Do we turn to men that will make matters worse? Do we turn to men who do not offer any hope?

“May those who curse days curse that day, those who are ready to rouse Leviathan.”
Job 3:8

We should stay away from these kinds of men who grab our suffering and trials and declare no hope and no future.

Truth is there a glorious future that no suffering can take the purpose of God in the hardships we go through. It super outweighs what God has planned.“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds,”
James 1:2

We must learn to give thanks in the middle of suffering. We must find opportunities to learn and be blessing to someone in the middle of a trial. So when hardships knock on the door we can go with a clear direction. There are million dollar lessons to be learned in our difficulties and suffering. It starts with being thankful in all things. Knowing that we are being transformed and perfected so we can take wisdom to our families and to the lost world. Because we have gone through difficulties and God has redeemed us. He has given us beauty for ashes and praise for mourning.