What is a Man? | Audiobook

What is a Man? | Audiobook

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The biggest lies on the face of the earth are the answers to the question, What is a Man?

In all parts of the world people are suffering as a consequence of the pain and destruction that immature men have caused because they have not been able to follow the path and footprints of true manhood. Without true manhood children would not have good fathers, and a wife could not have a faithful husband.

In this book, Dr. Joaquin G. Molina leads men step by step to the answers and carefully enumerates the basic ingredients needed to become a true man. The contents of this book will help men everywhere to achieve the measure, stature and fullness of the perfect man.

Arriving at or restoring manhood is no easy task, especially in a generation that renounces and disguises that identity. There are no excuses for continued ignorance, for time and again, the broken heart, the broken family, the emotional and spiritual bankruptcy of men who have chosen to act as playboys, womanizers, alcoholics, pseudo-intellectuals, staunch businessmen, always missing from the home, etc. Being a man has nothing to do with outward appearances or temporal success, but more precise in the expression of maturity as God established manhood from the first day He created man.